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Choosing the Right Wedding Readings

One of the questions I am asked most often is about what type of reading is appropriate on the big day. Readings at weddings are a deeply personal choice, and getting it right is hugely important for couples. Choosing the right wedding readings gives the bride and groom the opportunity to express how they feel for one another and reflect their love and commitment, and more recently, bringing some humour and fun to the occasion. As you can imagine we’ve heard all kinds of readings and poems – romantic, funny, traditional and contemporary – and they can all work.

At the Barton Grange Hotel and across all weddings in Lancashire, wedding planners work alongside their couples to help them in choosing the right wedding readings to set the tone for the big day; something which reflects the couple’s personality and help them to decide who should be involved.

For couple planning weddings in Lancashire, both large and small, here’s some of our top tips in selecting the right wedding readings:

1 – Most important – choose a poem or a reading that is all about you as a couple. Lines from a favourite film or lyrics from a song are popular. It’s a contemporary option, familiar to people and can help relax everyone involved.
2 – Keep it short and sweet. Just like the speeches, a reading shouldn’t be too long. Keep it a couple of verses with a time frame of two minutes’ max – don’t ramble on!
3 – Think about involving friends and family. Ask one or two of them to do the reading – don’t forget to choose someone who is confident standing up in front of people and talking. You’ll be surprised how many people aren’t comfortable with it.
4 – We’ve worked with lots of couples that have written a poem themselves or asked a family member to write one. Children are great at this and put together the funniest lines.
5 – If you aren’t getting married in a church a reading doesn’t always have to be religious but the registrar does have to approve it. It is best to first check how many readings you can choose, preferred content and if you can include a poem.
6 – You don’t see readings being used in Jewish and Hindi ceremonies, but for Christian religious ceremonies, they are more commonly used and again you should talk to your Church Minister with regards to what they will and will not accept as a reading.
7 –Choosing a classic quote from a book or a film is a good route to go – and there are some pretty romantic ones out there! I have even seen people play a clip from a movie that sums up their feelings.
8 – You don’t have to be all-romantic. The reading could be about family, friendships, children etc. It can also be read by children as well as adults and we have seen them presented in the form of a short rap and songs by the kids – be creative!
9 – Think about the audience and whether they will understand the content. Don’t go too deep and meaningful, as you don’t want guests to be looking around for an explanation, or nodding off!
10 – Choose what’s right for you – and if that’s a line from a book, a blog, a magazine article or a famous love song, go for what sums you up as a couple. There are lots of website out there to help you choose.

I hope you have enjoyed our advice on choosing the right wedding readings. If so, this may interest you

-Tara Begi, Wedding Co-ordinator