Wedding Champagn and macarons at Barton Grange Hotel

The Finishing Touches

The season of weddings in Lancashire is now in full flow, and we’ve had a hectic couple of weeks with lots of our lovely couples tying the knot and celebrating their wedding here at the Barton Grange Hotel. Now’s the time when the finishing touches to the Spring big days are being made, and couples planning weddings in Lancashire are making their final decisions on everything from who is sitting next to who (and believe me that changes right up until the last minute!) to whether it’s photographs inside or outside!

Part of my job at the Barton Grange Hotel, and the part I love best, is to help couples make those last-minute wedding decisions and decide on the finishing touches to the event. There’s always a buzz around the latest trends, and whether they can be incorporated into the big day.

We’ve compiled a list of our top five trends for 2017; maybe you can use some of them to add the finishing touches to your big day:

1 – Dessert tables – think lots of desserts, not just your wedding cake. Utilise a table in the reception room and dress with beautiful colourways and flowers and place the wedding cake, alongside lots of other desserts for guests to choose from and it can become a real focal point. These are hugely popular in the USA and are now becoming part and parcel of weddings here in the UK. Include cup cakes, macaroons and doughnut towers and ensure they are all colour co-ordinated with the colour themes of the wedding.

2 – Colour – don’t be afraid of it. We’re advising couples to include colour through lighting, table decorations, candles or drapes. Bold oranges and reds are being used to create a sense of warmth and fun. They can transform a room easily from day to night in one easy step.

3 – Blackboards with the running order or table plans are a thing of the past, and in their place we’re seeing the use of mirrors tastefully decorated with details of the day for guests. And everyone gets to check out his or her outfit at the same time!

4 – The colour green is everywhere. From table centre pieces to bouquets to bride’s maid dresses. It can easily be added to your day through extra natural foliage on tables – beautiful eucalyptus and green candles on the tables accented with green napkins. It’s important to keep it subtle but striking at the same time.

5 – There’s even more emphasis on lights. Fairy lights, spotlights, dance floor lights and lights that mark the division from day to night. They are easy to include in your wedding day, and it’s important to create a beautiful cosy feeling as the wedding day moves from the wedding breakfast to late afternoon to evening. If you have outside areas think about the lighting outside. We dress our new wedding garden with delicate pea lights in trees and shrubs, colourful paper lanterns and oversized storm lanterns – which have been ‘en vogue’ for a number of years and aren’t going anywhere!

-Tara Begi, Wedding Co-ordinator

Weddings in Lancashire are stylish affairs, no doubt, so I hope you have enjoyed reading about the 2017 trends for ‘the finishing touches’ to weddings, and that you can use some of the ideas when planning your special day. This might interest you too